Wrath of the Righteous

Celebration of Armasse

Khorramzadeh's Revenge

The Survivors of Kenabres began their day like many others, attending the Celebration of Armasse. But this year would not be like any other year prior. At noon, when the opening ceremony was set to begin, a thunderous explosion ripped through the sky. In an instant the Kite, the home of Kenabres’s wardstone, had vanished. It was in that moment that Kenabres’s greatest guardian, the silver dragon Terendelev, rose from the crowd, shedding her human disguise. She was met in the sky by a monstrous figure three times the size of any man, Khorramzadeh the Storm Lord of the Worldwound. The two iconic figures battled in the air while demons filled the streets of Kenabres.

It did not take long of the balor lord to strike down the silver dragon, who came crashing into the facade of St. Clydwell’s Cathedral. It was in that moment another titanic demon erupted at the far end of the plaza, smashing several buildings into the ground and causing a massive rift to open up beneath the Survivors’ feet. With her dying breathe, Terendelev cast a spell to slow the descent of Tyrael Anarion, Anevia Tirablade, Telchar Silverheart the Firsthammer, Lei, Aravashnial, Kethradel Arionan, Tsura Lei, Kushali, and Horgus Gwerm.

The group awoke in darkness, beneath the city. After informal introductions, the group tended to their wounds, Anevia’s broken leg, Aravashnial’s eyes had been struck by Khoramzadeh’s flame whip which blinded him. Horgus demanded his wounds be looked at as well, though they amounted to no more than scrapes and bruises.

They made quick work of the vermin that lives in the cave, though evidence of the destruction above was still present, an abandoned backpack of a crusader who had fallen even deeper in the earth hung to a cliff face. The Survivors also found an odd brooch that none could identify as having any religious significance, the symbol being a bat perched on a mushroom. The only significant danger came from within early on, when Lei’s claustrophobia got the better of her and she fired an errant gunshot into Telchar’s side.

But soon they found an abandoned Temple of Torag. After dealing with a giant fly outside, they found that the Temple has not been completely abandoned, the former dwarven priest had been transformed into a huecuva. After dealing with the ghastly figure, Telchar consecrated the temple and the Survivors settled down for some much needed rest.


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