Wrath of the Righteous

The Mask of Comand

((While my forum post handled a lot of this, I thought I should do one of these since I hadn’t yet.))

Knights of Kenabres Logbook

The army has proceeded in good order so far. From Kenabres we quickly pressed as far as Valareth’s Ford. Our outriders scouted the ground and determined that the hills would allow us to take the enemy by surprise. Using the hills, we approached unseen and at my signal, the army crested the hill and began to rain arrows down on the enemy. They were so unnerved that the broke ranks immediately and the army rode them down with no trouble. Their disorder was so great that their commander was still planning the defense as his army melted away, delaying his escape enough that my companions were able to reach his tent and slay him.

Our destruction was incomplete, however, as when we next met the enemy they were aware of our marching. At the ford we rescued a few crusader knights who had been held as prisoners for unknown purpose. However our inquisitor detected no evil in them so I deemed them no threat. They have been sent back to Kenabres to recover and to request that a detachment be sent forward to hold the ford. My recommendation was that any of them that wished should be allowed to return with that force to take up their old posts.

From Valareth’s ford we proceeded unopposed for a day and reached Keeper’s Canyion on the morning of the day after leaving Valareth’s Ford. There we found encamped an similar force of tieflings, but reinforced by a horde of dretches. They seemed in good order, but did not rush out to meet us, showing greater patience than demons are want to. There being no terrain suitable to conceal any portion of the army, and assuming the enemy had scouts on the heights, I determined that surprise was not an option and prepared for a frontal assault.

I sent a scout up onto the cliffs to watch for additional forces coming down the pass, put the troops in order, and charged, arranging things so that we would wheel around their army and strike the dretches first. It was my hope that breaking them would unnerve the tieflings, who no doubt saw the dretches as the main strength of their army. Some losses were incurred from magical fire from the dretches, but our charge went home and they broke. However, the tieflings were able to come up more quickly than I anticipated and struck the right flank of our force. Trusting the troops there to hold, I led the left flank around what had been the front of our army, extending the line at the risk of weakening our center, and managed to outflank the tieflings. So outmaneuvered, they broke with little further struggle.

The victory was not without cost, perhaps thirty of my men were wounded, though roughly half of these recovered quickly with minor healing. thirteen remain wounded and under care.

The dretch commander proved to be a succubus, who escaped the battle by means of teleportation. He moved to the cliff and surprised my scout, Annavia, and took her prisoner, no doubt out of spite, or perhaps for information. Unless Aravashnial can track his teleportation, I fear we must consider Annavia lost, though I fear the demon will find a way to use her against us yet.

We have camped in the ruins of the town here and will march as soon as all is put in order. Our next stage will take us into the Worldwound itself, and I pray to any god who will hear for aid in that place.


estrimple Summerhawk

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