Chief Sull

Leader of Neathholm



Chief Sull is the benevolent leader of Neathholm, and bears a deep love for all of the people he calls kin. He is quick to anger, but also quick to forgive. He is a intense lover of history, especially the stories of how the Mongrelmen came to live beneath the city of Kenabres. He has a few books documenting the First Crusades, acquired through trade with the surface world. As a boy he always dreamed of leading crusaders in battle against the demons, but had always accepted that as folly, few on the surface would tolerate Sull’s appearance, much less trust him with a weapon. So he determined then to make life as good as possible for those in his tribe. It was his plan and execution to fortify the gates of Neathholm that gained the attention of Seer Opoli, and saw a young man capable of keeping his people safe.

Sull now lives a peaceful life in Neathholm with his wife and children, though he occasionally will sneak to his den, crack open the biography of General Timonn Urgrav, and dream once again.

Chief Sull

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