Mongrelman Guard



Crel is a guardsman for the city of Neathholm. Born and raised a Mongrelman, Crel never had strong aspirations of living on the surface like many of his kin, especially Lann. Crel and Lann were friends from birth, growing up next to each other.

While Crel was young he grew rather self-conscious about his appearance. While most Mongrelmen have the physical appearance of half a dozen races and species, Crel only showed two, a snake’s head on an ape’s body. This made him feel like he was lesser than friends like Lann.

Over time Crel accepted that he was just different in a city made up entirely of those who were strange, and now Crel takes a certain pride in being odd even amongst the strange. He protects Neathholm with all his might, and will do whatever in necessary to protect those he loves.


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