Eterrius Sunnestier

Priest of the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell.




Eterrius Sunnestier was, at one time, a famed crusader and witch hunter. He arrived in Kenabres in 4664 AR to assist in the war effort against the demonic horde. Eterrius had gained a fair amount of notoriety hunting down undead and witches in Ustalav, he arrived draped in the arrogance of his own perceived greatness. He quickly befriended a rising star in Kenabres, Hulrun Shoppak. Together they agreed that surely the demons must have spies within their walls, and they must be rooted out. It wasn’t until many, many citizens of Kenabres had been burned, hung, and tortured before Eterrius began to question his resolve.

Eterrius, being a genuine witch hunter, used divination magic and cautious investigation to draw out and destroy fiends, but he was rare compared to the inflamed inquisitors who burned innocent Mendevians at the stake.

Eterrius retired from witch hunting in 4668 AR, claiming he had to find a better way to serve the crusades. Many citizens believe Eterrius’s retirement being the same year that the Third Crusade ended is not a mere coincidence, though no one has substantial evidence.

Eterrius now serves as a priest at the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell, and runs the majority of the services in day to day proceedings, despite “answering” to Nestrin Alodae. Eterrius believes Nestrin to be too green to lead the crusaders spiritually, that only one who has stepped into the Worldwound may preach on life in the Worldwound.

Eterrius is, perhaps for the first time, content in his station. He is more than pleased to assist both young and veteran crusaders in healing and spiritual guidance, accepting all followers of good aligned deities.

Eterrius Sunnestier

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