Naomi Lei

Tian Gunslinger. Quick, lithe, and dangerous.


Tall for one of the Tian, Lei’s height is further exaggerated by her lithe build and long limbs. Black, thick hair is pulled back into a severe braid that falls nearly to her waist. Blacker eyes spark with a hint of mischief, and the few wrinkles at their corners indicate a woman prone to laughter. Angular and reminiscent of a fox, her face is dominated by full lips that frequently seem to smirk at a joke no one else gets.

Clothed from head to toe, the only bit of her dusky skin visible is her face. Resting atop her head is a black hat with a silver band, and it is not unusual for her to pull it down low over her face. When deep in thought or worried, Lei’s gloved hands often adjust the scarf wrapped around her neck. A long coat hits the back of her calves, and when it drifts open the eyes are immediately drawn to the pistol hanging at her side. While not unheard of in this part of the world, it is still unusual to see one carried.



Born of a love affair between a Tian gunsmith and a Varisian caravaner, Lei and her younger sister, Tsura, have spent their whole lives in Kenabres. Their mother has served as a gunsmith for the crusaders for over three decades, and while many are grateful for her skills, more than a few mutter over how she profits from the war.

Lei—for the only ones who call her by her first name are her mother and sister—was frequently in trouble as a child, forever getting herself in over her head with one wild scheme or another. If a pie turned up missing or clean laundry fell off the line, Lei was the number one suspect. While other children heeded the warnings of their elders and stayed safely behind the wardstones, Lei delighted in pushing past the boundaries to see what she could discover.

Her mother often used Lei as an example to Tsura of what not to do in life.

When Lei was in her mid-teens, a demon slipped past the wardstone and nearly killed her sister, Tsura. In the weeks that followed, Lei wandered farther and father afield in an attempt to find out about the demon and what cult may have summoned it. One evening she wandered too far, and three days passed before she was able to return home. When she finally returned she clung to a black hat and claimed that she’d been saved by a female archer.

As an adult, Lei has split her time between gambling, working for her mother, and serving as a gun for hire for various missions that the paladins of Iomedae would concoct. Lately her mother has been hinting that it is time for Lei to take over as the local gunsmith, but Lei continues to put her off.


Tobacco, her sister, gambling, guns, spicy food, winning, dancing, dogs, horses, children, being right, and pulling pranks.


Authority, waiting, confinement, being wrong, losing, wine, snakes, responsibility, Tieflings, and books.




I have a bad feeling about this.

Naomi Lei

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