Nestrin Alodae

High Priest of the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell and the Temple of Iomedae




Nestrin Alodae oversees the services at the Temple of Iomedae, which include blessings, wedding ceremonies, and funeral services for those who pass from natural causes, accidents,
or other reasons not related to the crusades.

Though Nestrin Alodae is technically head of both the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell and the Temple of Iomedae, demon-hunter and priest Eterrius Sunnestier takes on most of the leadership duties at the Cathedral. Sunnestier is a more experienced warrior than Alodae and understands firsthand the horrific experience of battling demons.

Nestrin does his best to hide his frustration that Eterrius tends to garner more favor than him with both the Prelate Hulrun and the crusaders, knowing that it is all to serve the better good. But Nestrin will often take on additional duties and responsibilities to try and gain favor with Hulrun.

Nestrin Alodae

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