Tsura Lei

Tian Swordswoman: Protective, Loyal, No-nonsense Paladin


Like others in her family, Tsura is quite tall and large for a Tian. She wears dark green, gold and silver armor that she wears for comfort and purpose, nothing fashionable, nothing too showy, and carries a shield in the shape of a wolfs head. She has tan skin, dark eyes, and dark brown hair that she keeps short, less to mess with and harder for enemies to hold on to. Ever vigilant, her eyes seem to always be serious, as she is always on the look out for an enemy or something that shouldn’t be missed. Her large build is kept meticulously strong and fit, never one to be outdone in a fight.


Tsura grew up in and has spent her whole life Kenabres with her older sister Naomi, born of a Tian gunsmith and Varisian caravaner. Despite living in the same place her whole life, she has always been surrounded by new people coming into and out of the city. While she has had chances to make friends or meet new people, Naomi is the only one she trusts and spends a considerable amount of time with.

When she was a young teen, a demon got past the wardstone and nearly killed her. The demon was killed before it could finish her and although she lingered at death’s door for weeks in a coma, she somehow pulled through and managed to survive. When she awoke, she noticed that her body had somehow grown stronger, fiercer and she knew that something had to be at work beyond her mere body healing itself. Although she could have let the near-death experience break her, she resolved to become a mighty warrior who would hunt down any fiends that chose to plague her and her family.

She found strength, courage and valor in the church of Iomedae and has been following her god ever since. Determined to root out evil and always bring forth justice, Tsura has been preparing her whole life to fight against the evil of the demon armies that have been attacking the Worldwound border.

When she’s not preparing for battle, she spends most of her time in prayer to Iomedae and watching over her sister. Although Naomi is the elder, she also tends to be a bit more careless in Tsura’s eyes, and therefore Tsura believes that she must always be around to protect her in whatever trouble she may find herself in. She finds comfort in practicing with her sword and reading old books on diplomacy and trade agreements. If she ever feels particularly outgoing, she might find time to garden, which helps clear her head.

Tsura is fiercely loyal to her sister and to her goddess and will stop at nothing to see evil defeated and those who have been wronged become the avenged.

Tsura Lei

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