Tyrael Anarion

Aasimar paladin of Ragathiel. - Slain at the Lost Chapel and Resurrected.


Tyrael is tall with fair skin. Hair the color and sheen of dark gold falls about his shoulders and his white eyes glow faintly. Around his right eye are five scarlet markings in the shape of wings, the mark of the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel. These markings developed after his resurrection which followed his death at the hands of a Nabassu at the Lost Chapel. However his most marked physical feature is the pair of blood red feathered wings that rise from his shoulders, yet another transformation since his return, this time occurring at Seskar’s Gully after the recovery of a trove of weapons left by his ancestors.

He wears a breastplate and caries a bastard sword in an ornate scabbard at his side. The sword is Radiance, a legendary weapon of the old Crusades.

Never far from him is a tall young woman named Oriana Hawkwood, his squire. She might have been pretty once, but scars from her encounter with demons in Kenabres mar her face and her red hair has been cut short roughly and without much consideration for how it looks.


On the day of Armasse, Tyrael was simply a new initiate of the Knights of Dawn. He and a small group of survivors were saved from the demon attack when the silver dragon guardian of Kenabres protected them as the fell into the tunnels beneath the city. With the aid of the Mongrel Men, they escaped the tunnels and made their way toward Defenders Heart, an old tavern turned into a stronghold for survivors. It was along the way that they met Oriana. In despair, a few of the Knights of Dawn had turned to blood magic to save themselves, and were preparing to sacrifice the girl. Tyrael intervened and Oriana made her way back to her parent’s hiding place. Unfortunately her route was marked by demons, who attacked the basement. Only Oriana survived, and made her way to Defender’s Heart, where she begged to be taken on as Tyrael’s squire.

After the destruction of the Wardstone, Tyrael and his companions led the Crusader army north toward Drezen. At an old Knights of Dawn chapterhouse called the Lost Chapel, both Oriana and Tyrael were slain by demons. However in the capture of Drezen, the other Knights of the Fifth Crusade found a vial of oil of life, which they used to resurrect Tyrael. After Drezen at Seskar’s Gully, Tyrael found a scroll of Resurrection and used it to bring back Oriana. Oriana seems to have no memory of the time between her death and resurrection, and so seems to have recovered herself quickly. Tyrael, however, if haunted by flashes of memory of the Otherworld and a sense of dire Purpose. What that purpose might be is unclear, save that he has been marked as an agent – and since the growth of his wings many are saying The Herald – of Ragathiel. Tyrael is struggling with what that means.

Tyrael Anarion

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