Desna is a dreamer, a prophet, a carefree traveler across existence, and an endless optimist. She is an enigma and a conundrum, confident—but not arrogant—in her powers.
She believes the world within and the world without are full of endless mysteries. She teaches the redemptive power of success and counsels her followers to hold to hope in even the darkest nights. Desna is chaotic good, and her portfolio is dreams, luck, stars, and travelers. Her domains are Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, and Travel, and her favored weapon is the starknife.


As a follower of Desna, what you want from life is…everything. You want to know what the world has to offer, and to experience as much of it as possible. You do not seek out pain or horror specifically, but you are able to place such things in their proper context without being forever scarred. You want to find new paths, to explore, to see the starlight and the moonlight, and to snatch the joy of life in every breath. You’re glad to show other people how to find the good in each moment, and you take special joy in helping them remove pain or danger from their lives, such as by destroying monsters that prey on them.


Desna’s holy symbol is a butterfly with images of stars, suns, and moons upon its wings, and as one of her worshipers, you work this symbol into your clothing, equipment, jewelry, or tattoos. Those who can do so carry a starknife. There are no specific colors associated
with your faith, but many Desnans wear bright colors in addition to carrying butterfly markings somewhere on their person. Regardless of precisely how you dress, you are easily recognized by other Desnans simply by being who you are.


It’s easy to find a comfortable level of faith with Desna. As an ancient goddess, she is interwoven into life across Golarion. Travelers of every stripe—journeymen, carters, sailors,
merchants, and more—offer her praise and sacrifice for successful days of travel. Children and parents pray to her for pleasant dreams. As with slipping into a dream, it is easy to slip into a deeper faith. Offering praise to Desna means seeking out new experiences and new places, and because people naturally like to share their wisdom, it is a short step to offering to help others understand the joys of life. If you are deep into the mysteries of Desna, you guard against the return of ancient, evil gods, seek out and destroy the infestations of Ghlaunder, and hunt down Lamashtu’s abominations. You consider yourself a warrior of the night, helping to carry out Desna’s vision for mortals.

Other faiths

You don’t spend much time worrying about anyone else’s faith, though you’re eager to share your own if asked. Because your goddess is generally on good terms with most of the other good-aligned gods, you might even share roadside shrines and temples with faithful from other churches. As long as they respect your ways, you are glad to respect theirs: the road to truth is a different journey for everyone, and you would never dream of interrupting theirs unless they were in mortal peril.


Your faith offers few proscriptions and taboos— how could it, when your goddess commands you to experience life in all its forms?— but is adamant about those it does outline. When fortune-telling (or overhearing fortunes told), you must not create fear or despair with the divination, no matter how grim the portents. If you see only ill or mischance, it is your solemn duty to oppose that outcome and try to change it, in much the same way that it’s your duty to protect the innocent from direct attack. Failure to do so results in sleepless nights, or worse, nightmares— whether originating from the goddess or your own troubled conscience. If it is too late to help change the course of a prophecy or tragedy, you must devote yourself to helping another who is losing the last tenuous sparks of hope, and to show this benighted soul the way to light.

Code of Conduct

When you follow Desna, you follow your dreams. You are one of those who accepts the world’s strange behaviors, but when you look at it, you don’t necessarily think of the world as it is, but as it could be. Your most cherished desire is to accumulate experiences, to find out what existence has to offer, and to expand your soul’s understanding of the myriad delights of the cosmos.

  • I will make decisions quickly (though not rashly!), because I never know when opportunities might present themselves again.
  • I will express myself, whether through voice, dance, music, or art, and do it whether or not I’m any good at it.
  • I will not one to pick a fight, and I’d rather leave than get involved in one—but if there’s no choice, or if innocents might be harmed by my departure, I’ll hit hard and fast to end the battle quickly.
  • I will find joy in all that I do, whether it is on the battlefield, dancefloor, or in conversation with a stranger, no situation is ever void of something to be grateful for.
  • I am the last to judge and first to accept others. Whether it is their faith, actions, or words; there are many who will dismiss others and I will not be amongst their ranks.


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