Despite their monstrous appearances, mongrelmen are generally hardworking and peaceful creatures. A mongrelman can produce offspring with any humanoid, mixing bloodlines in strange ways to create hardier crossbreeds. No two mongrelmen look the same. One may have a face that is half hobgoblin, half lizardfolk, with one human-like foot and one cloven hoof, while his sister may have elven ears, a dwarven beard, orc tusks, and clawed hands. Each mongrelman usually has characteristics from at least a half-dozen different races. This strange mixture enforces mongrelmen’s place in the edges of the world, for they are shunned by all who fear their twisted appearance. Mistaken as enemies by all, mongrelmen prefer to be left alone.


They live in the caverns below Kenabres, with their origin being one of myth and legend that few know the truth of. Aravashnial has been a long proponent of the theory that the mongrelmen are descendents of the First Crusaders, whose exposure to the Abyssal energies caused their offspring to be stunted, deformed, and wrong. When their children were sentenced to die for fear that they themselves were demonic, many crusaders fled underground to raise their children in peace. These children then, according to Aravashnial and his like-minded fellows, became a civilization under the city known as mongrelmen.

The Survivors recently confirmed Aravashnial’s theory, by discovering the city of Neathholm, along with ancient statues nearby depicting the First Crusaders, surely an homage to their ancestors, carved by the mongrelmen.


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