Ragathiel, child of the archdevil Dispater and a goddess of fire, stands on the front line of the war between Heaven and Hell. He carves through legions of fiends and drives back lesser evils with the mere presence of his awful majesty. Ragathiel is a tower of glorious might. He stands almost 20 feet tall, and five lofty burning wings stretch from his back. The General of Vengeance once had six wings , but one was severed, torn from his body by Dispater himself. Ragathiel’s tainted heritage has left him with a wrathful heart, and the angel struggles constantly to master his baser impulses in service to the light. For thousands of years he strove to prove himself to the angelic choirs of Heaven. In the Maelstrom he wrestled for 16 years with a monstrous evil serpent whose scales wept acidic blood until he was able to choke the life out of it. He led an entire army against one of the iron fortresses of Avernus and burned the castle to the ground with holy fire, single-handedly maiming Infernal Duke Deumus in the process . Finally the other empyreal lords
agreed to admit Ragathiel into their ranks, and now they appear to trust the angel completely-though that trust took centuries to develop. Ragathiel takes an active role in the battle against Hell’s fiendish legions . He shines at the head of his army, a figure of golden light cleaving through the ranks of devils that face him.


Fellow followers of Ragathiel can be spotted by their bastard swords, which are treated with a greater reverence than any other favored weapon of a deity, for Ragathiel’s faith and devotion is shown through one’s weapon. Therefore, the bastard sword of a follower of Ragathiel is treated as a follower of Torag would treat his forge, or Iomedae’s clerics would tend to her shrine. Also, many worshipers who wish to strike fear into the heart of the evil doers of the world will wear a cloak featuring the five wings of Ragathiel. Such a sight is sure to shaken all but the most devoted of evil creatures.


The worship of Ragathiel, being an empyreal lord, is not as common as the worship of full deities, but that is not to say worshipers cannot be readily found if one knows where to look. Typically in areas of great conflict with evil, Ragathiel’s followers flock. Areas such as Cheliax and the Worldwound often house Ragathiel’s devoted warriors. Those who worship Ragathiel and follow his teachings do so in a singular manner, with great vengeance and fervor on the battlefield. As a follower you are expected to be at the forefront, if not leading, the great charges against the forces of evil, giving out the righteous wrath of Ragathiel to all those who would do evil.

Other Faiths

Followers of Ragathiel are often on good terms with any follower of a good aligned deity, for any soldiers in the fight against the forces of evil are welcome. However, you often have difficulty tolerating the forgiving nature of Sarenrae’s followers when they converse and work with agents of evil. Ragathiel lacks the patience displayed by Sarenrae when it comes to redemption, electing instead to allow evil doers to answer to greater powers for their crimes in the afterlife. You find that you get along best with followers of Torag, given their straightforward mindset in dealing with the forces of evil. Iomedae’s followers are also frequently your ally, given that they too seek to root out all evil and eradicate it.


Ragathiel is a simple empyreal lord, seeking to battle evil at any given chance and root it out when it elects to hide. Due to this all taboos and sins stem from the tolerance of evil. Ragathiel understands the need from time to time to ally with those who are not righteous to strike a blow to a greater evil, but such plans must be genuine and once the deed is done it is expected that his followers will disavow any association with the evil being. If an evil creature has begged for the chance to redeem themselves, Ragathiel will allow it but keep them on a much tighter leash than most deities, often delivering justice at the first sign that the creature has returned to its evil ways.

Code of Conduct

Followers of Ragathiel are forthright in their intentions and desires, which is to vanquish evil whenever it shows its face. They fight until their last breathe and strive to protect all that would be tainted by evil. Ragathiel is often referred to as the General of Vengence, and as such many of his followers find themselves in leadership roles. Their tenets follow:

  • I will strike hard and fast against all evil that shows itself to me.
  • I will do all in my power to root out evil where it may hide. I will however not assume evil exists, and not strike down a creature until its evil has been proven without a doubt.
  • I am always striving to control myself in the face of temptation and baser urges. When desires well up within myself that do not honor Ragathiel, I will battle with myself to ensure I remain strong.
  • Without honorable allies, evil will prevail. I am always willing to accept those who wish to follow me into the fight against evil, even if they appear to be unlikely allies.
  • In the most desperate of times, I will accept help from those who are not honorable when the result will allow a far greater evil to be vanquished. Once my goal has been accomplished, I will then disavow any allegiance to the creature.
  • I will know the tools with which I battle evil. Every latch on my armor, every notch in my sword, and the weight of my boots; they are my family, my body, my soul.


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