The Deeds

New Friends

Upon finding themselves trapped below the City of Kenabres, the Survivors quickly began working together to ensure their survival. Three citizens of Kenabres proved to be too injured, in the case of Anevia and Aravashnial, or lacking the skill, Horgus, to protect themselves. The Survivors quickly began accommodating to the wounds and disparate personalities present in the group, and not only gained the friendship, but the trust of those who would surely have died without their help.

The Light of Torag

After making their way through the vast network below the city, the Survivors stumbled upon a long forgotten Temple of Torag. After having dealt with the monstrosity the former priest had become, Telchar Silverheart the Firsthammer, with assistance from his fellow Survivors, consecrated the Temple back to its former state and gaining the blessing of Torag.

Strange Things in Grave Danger

The Survivors witnessed the first taste of how far the attack reached. A fallen guard post belonging to the Mongrelmen of Neathholm had fallen, leaving one of the guards, Crel, trapped inside. Lann and Dyra pleaded that they help rescue their friend. With their collective might they were able to free Crel and the eternal gratitude of Lann and Dyra.

A Father’s Remorse

Shortly after entering the caverns, the Survivors came upon a brooch depicting a bat perched on a mushroom. It wasn’t until they arrived in Neathholm that its significance was revealed. It had belonged to one of Chief Sull’s sons, who had left the city after a heated disagreement. While Sull has no hope his son lives, a token to remember him by brought him to tears. Chief Sull thaked the survivors, who had earned a lifelong friend and ally.

The Deeds

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