The Quests

Return to the City

The Survivors are currently trapped in the caverns below the city of Kenabres. Priority number one for all of them has become returning to the surface and finding out what has befallen the City of Kenabres and its citizens.

Take Horgus Home

Horgus Gwerm, one of the survivors of the demonic attack upon the city has offered his fellow survivors compensation for ensuring he returns home. If he arrives safely he has offered 1,000 gold pieces as a reward/gratuity.

Deal with the Traitors

Chief Sull, leader of Neathholm, city of the Mongrelmen living under Kenabres, has requested that the survivors tend to another tribe of Mongrelmen on their way to the surface. He has branded this other tribe " Traitors ". The Chief informed the survivors that this other tribe has consorted with cultists of some kind that have begun appearing in the caverns recently, and that the time for action has arrived.

Old Alliances

The Mongrelmen of Neathholm have been shaken by the news from the surface. A demonic attack upon the city also devastated the caverns below, claiming many lives. Their ancestors were the first to fight the Demons of the Worldwound, and have offered themselves to the fight. Chief Sull asked that the Survivors take word of their pledge to the surface and offer an alliance.

The Quests

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