“The Demons are marching, the horns are blowing. What can we choose to do? Run? The enemy is faster. Hide? The enemy is more cunning. Nay, the only option is to fight. For they may be stronger, larger, and fiercer; they may never hope to match our resolve. They are faster, but we shall hold our ground. They are more cunning, but we shall welcome them in the open field. Today we fight, and let the bowels of the Abyss know who the mightiest warriors are when we return its legions to the gates!”
General Timonn Urgrav
At the Final Battle of Sarkoris
First Crusade, 4630 AR.


Defender’s Heart proved to be a worthwhile stop, as The Survivors have found what is left of the crusaders of Kenabres. However, they discovered the crusades were hit harder than they could have imagined. Irabeth Tirabade, a member of the Eagle’s Watch, has taken up a leadership role in trying to hold off the demonic forces. The Survivors have been charged with tracking down the three Templar Safe Houses throughout Kenabres. As they prepare to embark out iinto the city once again, no one knows what they may find as they seek out the cultists that helped to bring this destruction upon the city.

Wrath of the Righteous

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