Wrath of the Righteous

In the Mind of Tsura: The Cave

Tsura was ready for whatever this adventure had in store, and yet she was a little uneasy with the group that iomedae had gathered together. Maybe uneasy wasn’t the right word… Tsura had spent most of her time growing up following her sister, or with others close to her in her training. While she always had thoughts and opinions, she wasn’t used to voicing them, especially with those she barely knew, especially with those who were so quick to assume her wrong or had such varying opinions. The event with the dwarf in the cavernous room still lingered in her mind, hours afterward. She believed the dwarf to be evil, and didn’t understand the necessity of keeping him around the party. Maybe not killing him, she realized that her announcement that he should die was premature. She had been so used to her sister’s ways of getting to the point. Naomi rarely had to think before she acted, and perhaps Tsura had picked up some of those traits. But as that “holier than thou” elf had proclaimed, someone shouldn’t just die because they were an inconvenience. She knew that the dwarf was evil…and maybe she should have stopped to think about the possibility of being able to bring him back to the sane. He had obviously dealt with some trauma and wasn’t in his right mind; was that any reason to put a death sentence on him so quickly?
Being a follower of Iomedae, Tsura was embarrassed by her brashness. She knew (knows) the importance of redemption. Just because a being is evil, doesn’t mean they can’t come back from that.
Tsura wasn’t used to being told so blatantly that she wasn’t a true follower of her goddess. In fact, she had never really seen someone so lawfully good as the elf before. She was under a lot of stress: the concern for her sister in such an enclosed place, the attack on her city, the fact that she had no idea what was in store for their future. She had been acting in such a way that she knew Iomedae would be disappointed and she knew much prayer and repentance was needed. Perhaps she would watch this elf, Tyrael, more closely. If anyone knew how to be so lawfully good, perhaps it was him…


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