Kethradel Arionan

Elf Magus


Kethradel is 5’ 10", 117 lbs with white hair and green eyes. He wears leather armor and utilizes both a scimitar and a longbow.


Upon returning to Kyonin from Mendev with her son, Tyrael, Tessara eventually met and married Varathel Arionan. She gave birth to a son they named Kethradel, thus giving Tryael a half-brother.

Growing up, Kethradel was often seen chasing after his brother, wanting to be involved in anything Tyrael was and, at times, to the utter annoyance of his older sibling.

To say Kethradel looks up to his brother may be an understatement. He idolizes him and wants to be as good as he perceives Tyrael to be in all things.

Kethradel was disappointed when Tyrael left and returned to Mendev to train under his father. He wanted to go, but his both his parents and Tyrael would not allow it as he was unready and his training was here, with his father. Kethradel vowed that after his fundamental training as a Magus, he would follow after and join his brother in the crusade against the vile demons.

Some of this desire is fueled by the event that happened to Kethradel earlier in his life. He was captured by a secret cabal dedicated to the worship of Treerazer and forced to take part in a demonic ritual. Rather than corrupting his soul as intended, Kethradel absorbed the ritual’s energy and made it his own before finally escaping to safety. He has been unable to learn anything about the ritual and it has nagged at his thoughts to this day. This has instilled a fury against demonkind.

Upon completion of his training, he travels to Nerosyan, Mendev and is able to discover the news of Tyrael’s father and that Tyrael is in Kenabres. He soon joins him there.

Kethradel Arionan

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