Valerio Aldori

Brevic Swordlord


piercedpommelwarderb2c0.jpg Valerio is of average height at and build with dark hair and a medium complexion displaying the Taldan ancestry common among the nobles of Brevoy. His clothing is always fine and often of bold colors with silver accents. However his most noticeable features are his eyes, which have the color and metallic sheen of silver.

He carries himself with incredible grace and self-assurance. He often comes across as possessed of the arrogance often associated with duelists – particularly initiates of the Swordpact. He is instantly identifiable as a Swordlord due to the distinct weapon his carries. Aldori Dueling Blades are tailored to the swordsman, though the all have common features, such as a single edge. Valerio’s has a slight curve toward the end and a short, forward sweeping crossguard. It’s long hilt is wrapped in read leather and the pommel is wirework surrounding a sapphire mined from the mountains of his family’s lands in Brevoy. The sword is the work of the Dwarf smith Narvi Golka, Valerio’s trusted friend who has traveled with him, serving as his adviser and valet.


As young men, Valerio and his friend Yatagan had a strange adventure. Like most young nobles in Brevoy they left home seeking adventure for a time, but early in their travels in the River Kingdoms they had a strange encounter with a silver dragon called Aureonex, who asked them to escort him to the Dragonfall, the ancient draconic cementary where he could rest in peace. Despite the dangers, the two traveled with the dragon to the graveyard and were present at his death. In dying, the dragon’s magic passed into the young men along with the promise that they would need such power one day. The dragon’s magic turned Valerio’s eyes and Yatagan’s hair silver.

Many years later, Valerio moved to Agade in Mendev, exiled by the ruling Surtova family of Brevoy after killing a member of that family in a duel. In Mendev Valerio finished the training he had begun long ago to enter the Swordpact and become an Aldori Swordlord. He gave up his family named – Hawkwood – and took Aldori as his surname. In Agade, Yatagan found him, working for his own family, the Orlovskys. House Orlovsky had decided it would no longer bend the knee to the Surtovas and hoped to find allies for a rebellion. Yatagan sought out Valerio not only because he was the nephew of Lord Garess, but due to the popularity of the Swordlords among the common people. Together they began recruiting an army from among the ‘low templars’ – the warriors who came to Mendev to fight the demons for pay or glory rather than altruism. Their recruiting brought them to Nerosyan at the festival of Armasse, so they were present in the demon attack. Having survived, the two recognized that if Mendev fell, nearby Brevoy would not be far behind, and offered themselves and their followers to Queen Galfrey, who has sent them north into the Worldwound to reinforce and resupply the Knights of the Fifth Crusade. They arrive at the army camp below the Lost Chapel on Arodus 30th, the day after Tyrael’s death.

Valerio Aldori

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