Yatagan Orlovsky

Brevic Operative


Yatagan Orlovsky is a human, lean of build and, by choice, utterly unremarkable in clothing and appearance except for the silver luster of his hair. He wields two finely made shortswords crafted by Narvi Golka, Valerio’s adviser and valet.


Yatagan Orlovsky is from Eagle’s Watch, the city that sits atop Mount Veshka in Brevoy. He is a second cousin to Poul Orlovsky, Lord of House Orlovsky, his Father being a first cousin.

Yatagan was quite mischievous as a youth. He would often sneak out of his home and, much to the consternation of his parents, go on ‘adventures‘. Upon his return his Father would be waiting to dole out punishment.

This never deterred the lad and on one occasion he found himself in the undesired company of a group of cultists. A mysterious woman helped him trick his way through the group. She never revealed her name but Yatagan still remembers her beauty and the deep sense of sadness she seemed to carry with her. However, the thing he remembers most was the symbol of Desna she wore and often held onto without seeming to realize it. As he grew older, he often wondered if his seemingly unfounded luck in trickery was somehow due to the mysterious woman. She stayed by his side until moments before Yatagan’s father showed up with a few men, looking for youth. This misadventure taught him the value of caution over foolhardiness.

Yatagan’s penchant for sneaking about and getting into mischief eventually caught the eye of Lord Poul Orlovsky. He, along with Yatagan’s father, decided that as the young one matured he would be trained as a ‘stealthy information gatherer’ for the House.

House Orlovsky refuses to recognize Noleski Surtova as king, acknowledging him as reigning Lord Regent. Diplomatic relations are tense. Yatagan has been sent by Lord Poul Orlovsky in an attempt to recruit Swordlords, and garner support from House Garess, in a potential rebellion against House Surtova. He tracks down his friend, Valerio Aldori, in Agede and the two begin recruiting for the cause.

After the demon attack during Armasse, Yatagan and Valerio put current plans of Brevic rebellion on hold and, with approval of Mendev’s Queen Galfrey, travel to the Worldwound with their small force to aid the Knights of the Fifth Crusade.

Yatagan Orlovsky

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