Wrath of the Righteous

Old friends come home

Killian looked at the two figures in front of her, “Alright, you’ve been briefed on the mission. The enemy took a fortification belonging to us fairly recently and captured an artifact of great importance. You two are to enter the fortification and retrieve the artifact from the war room the enemy has established. We have a spy on the inside that has given us enough information to know that, but not much more. These amulets will make you appear as though you belong, though I don’t think you should be recognized. You’ll just appear to be one of the cultists.”

They slid the amulets over their necks, Valerio and Yatagan gave curt nods as they turned to leave. They gathered their gear and set out on the road from the army’s headquarters. After a few days of travel they spotted a group of cultists on the road.

“Hey! Stop you! In the name of-! Hey, where the one go?”

Valerio quickly closed the gap as the cultists surrounded him, as Yatagan sliced his daggers behind them without being seen. The two skilled warriors made quick work of the cultists as they dropped in the dirt around them.

“These pathetic dogs, do they not know they fight is done here?” Valerio smirked as the last cultists dropped.

“Would you stop fighti-“

“Where are you? I cannot see you,” Valerio said looking around.

“Oh,” Yatagan quickly reappeared, “As I was saying, would you stop fighting? But fear not, soon these worshippers of false gods shall fall completely.”

Valerio laughed, “We must first retrieve the artifact, let us go.”

The two travelled off of the road, as to avoid running in to more resistance. After some time they finally saw the base in the distance.

Yatagan narrowed his eyes, “We have been seen, let us hope these amulets work as promised.”

A dwarf exited the gates waving for the two to approach, “Hail friends! I hope not expected to see you again for some time.”

Valerio muttered, “Well it appears at least one person recognizes us.”

The dwarf said, “What brings you back to the base?”

Valerio motioned, “Oh we were travelling and needed to come back to the base.”

The dwarf nodded, “Well fair enough. I suppose you’re going to want to talk to leadership huh? Well follow me.”

As Valerio and Yatagan made their way behind the dwarf, Yatagan could overhear people talking as they took notice of them, “Remind me to have a word with the intelligence department. It seems that we are quite notorious here.”

The dwarf took them into the main keep, where Valerio and Yatagan could not walk ten feet without seeing another cultist.

As they passed a temple, a priest walked out into the hallway, “What are you two doing back here? I thought you were off to leave the Worldwound and take the fight elsewhere.” Valerio quickly smiled, “Ah yes, well we were on our way and uh, needed to get some counsel from the leaders here first.” The priest raised an eyebrow, “Huh, that doesn’t seem much like you,” he laughed, “but then again you always were full of surprises.” The priest stepped back into the temple as the dwarf lead them further into the base, “Alright, so here we are.” The dwarf gestured down the hall, “They’re meeting in the war room. Some upgrades have been put in since you were last here, war room is sound-proofed, only one exit, and the artifact is in there for protection.” Valerio and Yatagan nodded as the dwarf walked away. “No guards,” Valerio said, “that’s good.” Yatagan nodded as Valerio stepped up and opened the door.

As they stepped into the room they heard on of the commanders speaking, “-so she volunteered to go down to the ford and reestablish operations there. Oh,” the half-orc cultist stopped speaking as soon as she saw they were not alone.

An elf cultist, possibly a wizard stepped forward, “What brings the exalted Valerio and Yatagan back to Drezen? It seems so short a time since you last departed.”

Valerio shifted, “Well uh, you see, we um were travelling and our travelling brought us back to here to rest from our uh….travels.”

Yatagan looked incredulously at Valerio.

The elf narrowed his eyes, “Hm, I see.” He picked up a magnifying glass with a gem set into and raised it to his eyes, “It’s not them! Spies!”

The human ranger turned to a slightly overweight man at the table, “Horgus! Run!”

The chaos of battle ensued as the half-orc woman called out, “Aravashnial, fall back! Anevia, cover Horgus’s escape!”

Valerio and Yatagan drew their weapons as Yatagan spun into the path of the fleeing man known as Horgus, slicing into his belly. Valerio slid over the war table as he closed the gap on the wizard. Anevia fired four arrows in rapid succession, as Lei had been training her on quick firing. She was careless with one arrow however, which landed in Horgus’s back. Irabeth charged at Valerio, landing a blow. Aravashnial tried his best to use magic to turn the tide, but Valerio would not give him enough space to do so effectively.

“NOOOO!!!!!!” Anevia cried out as she saw Yatagan stick a second blade into Horgus’s belly as he tried to run past him, gutting the man completely.

Valerio gave a slight feint to the elf wizard, leaving enough of a gap for him to sink his blade deep into his chest. Irabeth continued to hound Valerio, landing her fair share of blows. Yatagan quickly leapt over the war table and landed in front of Anevia, glaring as he landed.

Anevia dropped her bow to the ground and brandished a rapier, “The real Yatagan taught me a few things before he left, you son of a bitch!”

Avenia managed to find a weak spot in Yatagan’s defenses and cut deeply enough to cause serious bleeding. Irabeth slammed her sword into the ground as bright light shot out, though Valerio and Yatagan were able to neglect much of its effects. Yatagan attacked with blinding speed through Anevia’s defenses, finally stabbing her in the heart. As Valerio sunk his blade deep into Irabeth’s chest, she gave a gesture towards the Sword of Valor hanging on the wall. With her last breath she summoned a Planetar of Iomedae from the banner to defend it.

The Angel flexed its wings as Yatagan rushed towards it, finding it difficult to land blows on the massive celestial creature. The Angel raised its greatsword and hit Yatagan hard before the sword slipped out of its grip and flew across the room. Valerio rushed up and attacked, looking for a weakness. Yatagan managed to grab onto the angel’s sash and fling himself up high enough to slice the angel’s throat open as celestial blood began to pour out. The angel landed a punch to Yatagan face, but by reaching down to strike at Yatagan, the angel made a fatal error. Seeing the angel bent over, Valerio brought his blade down, cleaving the angel’s head off.

Valerio quickly grabbed the banner off of the wall and stuck it in the bag of holding given to them for the mission. Yatagan went to the table and snatched up the maps and war plans as Valerio gathered the weapons used by the fallen, though he quickly discarded the useless rapier the fat man had on his person. Valerio drank an invisibility potion and Yatagan turned invisible as they exited the room, managing to exit the keep and city unmolested. After reaching about a hundred feet outside of the city they began to hear the sounds of battle behind them.

Yatagan smiled, “Drezen has fallen once more.”

After a few days travel they return to the Ivory Sanctum and hand the bag over to Killian.

“What are you still doing wearing those amulets you fools? Hand them over. Good work Sirian, you played the part of your brother wonderfully,” she laughed as she took the amulet from Valerio. “And, oh you got a bit shorter didn’t you? We were all very thrilled when you returned to us, and now you have your vengeance Ser Staunton Vhane.”

The dwarf graveknight smiled, “Now we just have to deal with those who took it from me to begin with.”

Killian laughed, “Oh I’m sure they’ll be running along soon enough, and we have some leverage to keep them in line.” She gestured behind her to the cage against the wall that contained two bound and gagged figures, Valerio and Yatagan.


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