In 4499, the Kellid warlord Choral led a small warband across the Lake of Mists and Veils to conquer what were then two strong kingdoms -the Ulfen pirate nation of Issia and the Taldan colony of Rostland. This feat would have been impossible but for the Red Dragons with whom Choral had allied himself. Rostland at first resisted until the canny warlord trapped their army in a dry river valley and set his dragons on it, creating the landmark now know as the Valley of Ash and Smoke.

With Rostland devastated, the ruling Surtova clan of Issia wisely surrendered. Ten years after becoming Choral the Conqeror, the Kellid chief grew bored of government and vanished into legend, leaving the newly created Kingdom of Brevoy to his heirs in the newly created House Rogarvia. They ruled with an iron fist, using the threat of dragonfire to keep down dissent until 4699, when every member of House Rogarvia mysteriously disappeared.

In the wake of the Vanishing, House Surtova seized the moment. Lord Noleski Surtova crowned himself King and took over the capital of New Stetven. While most of the other Houses have come to accept Surtova rule over the last twelve years, some Lords long for greater independence, particularly in the lands of Old Rostland. Such resistance is centered at the Free City of Restov on the border of the River Kingdoms where tales of Rostland, and the legends of the great Aldori Swordlords are still kept alive.

The people of Brevoy are a strange amalgam of Taldan aristocracy, Kellid warriors, and Ulfen pirates. This combination has created a hot-blooded people whose passions run high and who are touchy about their honor. Fencing is a national obsession and every city worth mentioning has an academy, teaching swordplay from all over the world. Restov is the capital of the sport and the Aldori Academy is the most prestigious sword-school of the Inner Sea.Dueling is both legal and common.


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